Why bravery is important

On Friday I’m delivering 4 x 1 hour seminars from 8:30-2:30pm and I feel scared!


I’ve not done this before and I’m wondering if I can do it!


I got an email yesterday from the client telling me my sessions are proving very popular and are fully booked!


I’m speaking on: Food for Function, How to make Healthy Happen in the busy Digital World.


All the what ifs come to mind….what if they don’t like the real me, what if I forget what I’m going to say, what if my mind goes blank, what if I screw it up and lose my spark……what if, what if, what if!!!


Then when I was walking Jemstone this morning through the misty rain in the fields of West Malling, this voice says to me:


Katie, sometimes you just have to get used to feeling uncomfortable if you want to help more people.


Then my mind drifts to thoughts of the ocean and a few wise sayings make me smile.


“A ship in harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are for”

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”


WOW! I love these…


And, you’ve most likely heard this story (do you like my art work?) of where the magic happens…



We all know this, but when it comes to moving into the bumpy water, it FEELS uncomfortable, and honestly since I’ve started rowing in a skinny single skull boat, after 4 outings, I still feel very uncomfortable when I first get in.


But you know the truth, staying in that safe zone, is not really the life we want to be living is it?


I mean, I could have said no to the opportunity and stayed at home eating chocolate feeling pissed at myself for not being brave enough.


But when you do something brave you don’t really want to eat the chocolate – do you?


#tryitandsee 🙂


So I’m going to follow my own advice and appreciate that the fear of NOT doing it would feel far worse than the fear of doing it 🙂


Over to you:  What’s something you can do to move yourself, into the “where magic happens” circle, out into the open seas?


You see humans, we seek to feel good, and if you get that good feeling from overcoming challenges and being your true self, eating for comfort, loses it’s appeal.


Leave a comment below I’d love to know what’s something you want to do, but you keep putting off as it makes you uncomfortable, it could be a small thing or a big thing, but you know if you do it, you’re being your true ‘brave’ self.

With love,

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