“I went to my hair dresser today and was told I look great and that works for me! 18lbs down. People are looking at me. I’m successful. I feel mentally and physically different. There is no quick fix otherwise you go back to yo yo. You have to understand what is good for your body and change your lifestyle. I couldn’t have done it with you”

Laraine, Entrepreneur

“I was told by my doctor that I was unnecessarily carrying around the equivalent in weight of my holiday suitcase (23kg). Eight months ago I embarked on an adventure with Katie. I was concerned that food would be restricted to much but that didn’t transpire and I’m both happy and proud to say that following Katie’s practical and down to earth advice – I have now lost my holiday suitcase in 6 months!  My blood pressure has normalised, joint pain and digestion have improved. I’m sleeping better and feel more energy and a better mood. Katie’s advice is both practical and psychological. She talks to you about the person you want to become and challenges your behaviour against your own ideal benchmark and this has worked for me.”

Charles, Director

“I was feeling tired, bloated and I thought I needed to lose weight to feel better. After a couple of sessions I realised that my problem wasn’t to focus on my weight but stress and my digestive system which needed treating. Katie helped me understand my body and mind  and with her coaching I now feel energised, happier and less bloated. I’ve recently been on holiday and my energy was high with no digestive problems at all”

Raquel, Doctor

“Working with Katie has made me see my patterns and eating habits so clearly. I’m able to reflect on my eating habits so well now and I feel so much better in my body! Katie is such a loving and intuitive coach. She made me feel good about myself and helped me move forward with my overall health”

Lauren, Mother of two

“Having been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and feeling very uncomfortable, I was at a bit of a loss as to how to proceed, nutritionally.  I had become frightened to eat certain foods because of the horrible symptoms they caused.
I found Katie on the Internet for help with my digestion.  She pointed out that it would take some commitment to make some real changes and that it is not easy to move away from entrenched eating habits.  I was ready to admit that I had a poor relationship with food in general and that this new diagnosis was enough to make me realise that changes were necessary.
Within a week or so of following Katie’s plan – my symptoms had virtually disappeared.  I feel and look a LOT better.  I am happy to carry on with this way of eating which means I am not hungry and honestly feel ‘clean’ inside, and I’ve gone down a dress size without dieting!
Thank you Katie. I would have been lost without your advice”

Leah, Administrator

“My weight has been up and down most of my adult life. I could lose weight for a special occasion by dieting and over-exercising, only to put it all back on the following week. I wanted to get out of this cycle and maintain my weight. Being a child of the 60’s I have counted and restricted calories my own life. I weighed myself every day. The benefits of working with Katie is my weight is stable, I no longer are obsessed with calories and the scales. My irritable bowel is almost non-existent. My skin feels hydrated, I have more energy and my sugar cravings are under control. The best thing about working with Katie is the praise and support I receive when I reach my goals. Katie got me the first time I met her and could help me with emotional eating. Everyone needs a Katie in their lives to help us when unhealthily eating habits get the better of us”

Julie, Business owner

“You’re so in tune with how I’m feeling, it feels like you’re in my mind, the quality of my listening is amazing”

Laura, Actress

After feeling exhausted and having digestion problems I made a decision to work with Katie to feel better. After 4 weeks of coaching I feel I’ve achieved my goals to feel energised and to resolve my digestion issues. The coaching had a positive effect on areas of my life I didn’t think would be affected. My family feel more relaxed and relationship has gone to a new level of ‘happy’. I feel like I’ve got me back and feel benefits in ways I didn’t know I would.

Isabel, Consultant