Asparagus season is here!

Asparagus is SO good for you – it’s what we Nutritionists call ‘Nutrient Dense’ 🙂




These lovely green shoots contain a list of nutrients as long as my arm.


Asparagus nutrition summary:

-Low in calories so you can eat till the cows come home
-Has a little carbohydrate and protein that’s balanced so good for your energy!
-Good source of fibre that your digestive bacteria love to feed off
-High in vitamin K which will keep your bones and blood healthy
-High in folate and other B vitamins for energy release
-Contains iron for oxygenation of your blood and various of minerals to keep your cells healthy 🙂


Asparagus Action:


Please eat a lot of this vegetable over the next few weeks.
(*note if you have IBS and are well controlled, just try a little lightly steamed and chew well)


Asparagus counts towards your daily vegetable intake which should be high!!


What is a serving??

80g-100g = 1 serving = is about a handful.  This is 100g I had for my lunch 🙂


Asparagus 1


How to eat:

-you can eat this raw or blanch in boiling water for a few minutes, or you can steam, sauté or bake, grill or cook on the BBQ.
*the trick is to cook it until a knife easily slides into to, avoid overcooking.


Do like asparagus?  If not will you try it?  It’s so easy and quick to cook!


Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


Your body is the most precious thing you own, feed it with nutrition because that’s what it needs.

With love,

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