What is ‘clean eating’?

‘Clean eating’ is about eating real unprocessed food, whole food as nature intended.


That’s what I’ve been doing my whole life ūüôā ¬†


This is what I help clients do – but I don’t¬†talk ‘diet trends’ to clients because it doesn’t feel right to do that.¬† Because with trends we tend to go on them and off them.


Food is here to nourish your soul and every cell in your body.


If you process food, strip it back, add shit (sorry additives) to it, try to get vitamins back into it, it’s not how mother nature intended it – is it?


As an example. ¬†Today I was in my local store¬†picking up a few goodies. ¬†There were two ladies behind me in the queue and every single item they¬†took out of their trolley, I just wouldn’t eat. ¬†I felt sad for them as they were both not looking to healthy.


-white bread, processed garlic bread, sausage rolls, flavoured water, iced buns, cakes, biscuits,¬†tinned ravioli…the list goes on – all low nutrient, processed carbohydrate and fat rich food.


Why not make your own garlic bread – wholemeal baguette, organic butter, real garlic and fresh parsley ūüôā


The nutrient difference would be like night and day!


Yes, it would take a little longer to prepare, but part of feeling in love is being involved in the preparation of the food ūüôā


What road do you want to go down?


QUESTION: ¬†What is one ‘swap’¬†you can make to your diet that you desire to¬†make a habit that will mean less processed food, more nutrition?


Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear your views.

p.s Do you have a friend who goes from food fad to food fad?  Share this to them!

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