Hi there, I'm Katie Charlton.

Katie is an experienced health coach who helps emotional eaters heal food anxiety and lose weight for good by showing them how to end their struggle with their weight and have food and body confidence.

She loves mother nature. Her passion for human nutrition came from animal nutrition where she learnt how to prevent mineral deficiency by supplementing the animals growing up on a 10 acre farm.  Katie believes that the body becomes overweight as a result of imbalance/stress which she herself experienced after gaining nearly 4 stones through pregnancy, and emotional eating.

Katie was born in the UK and raised in New Zealand – she’s a first time mum in her 40’s and lives in New Zealand with her son. Katie started private practice back in 2007.  Peck Nutrition became Maximise Health Coaching which was inspired by her son Max.

“I feel streamlined and on the right track with weight loss – a better version of myself and I’m getting to where I want to be. My body fat is now normal! My whole life is not about losing weight, it’s about feeling good rather than the scales, and that is what I’ll keep away from. I couldn’t have done this without you”

Jessica, Full time employee

Katie trained in New Zealand at the University of Otago and her qualifications are: Bachelor of Science (Human Nutrition), Diploma for Graduates (Biochemistry, Human Nutrition, Food Service Management), Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics with Distinction.

Her expertise is her intuition. She is a visionary and will lead you along the path to your best self. You may not know the path to get there – Katie does and she will show you.

So if you want to:
✅break the cycle of yo yo once and for all
✅feel happy with food without feeling deprived or guilty
✅get off the slippery slope of sugar addiction
✅feel confident in your own body
✅re-train your brain so weight loss becomes easy

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