I help comfort eaters get healthier & stop yo yo self sabotage so they can lose weight for good!

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Think about an area of your life where you feel confidence. You know you have ability and you know this because you see the fruits of your efforts in your results consistently! There is no struggle.

How would it feel to see results like this manifest with your body weight?
How would it feel to no longer feel like you are battling and struggling? Think of how much time you would have, how much freedom you would feel if you were no longer up in your head overthinking this whole weight loss thing and feeling like a failure?

How would it feel to no longer feel you are stuck in a loop of self sabotage yo yo? Where you feel it takes you forever to get back on track and you feel so insecure and bad about yourself.

My name is Katie Charlton, I’m a 44 year old mum and trained nutrition/wellness coach, who effortlessly released 3 stones of pregnancy comfort eating weight and I know I can help you change all of this. I can help you become successful and lose weight for good.

If you are an emotional/comfort eater who is sick and tired of trying every diet or weight loss plan under the sun and you know you have to shift your mindset and your relationship with food, as well as understanding how to nourish and care for your body so it’s metabolism speeds up – then you are in the right place.

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“You’ve been brilliant. You have put me at ease, so easy to talk to and understanding and you don’t judge!”

Stacey, Weight loss client