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Become your healthiest self

Hello! I am Katie Charlton (a 46 year old woman/mum/food/nutrition healer).

It is my purpose in life to help women and men over 30 years old (my passion are the older age groups) who have lifestyle disease (high body fat, feeling low energy, low mood, digestion problems, fatty liver, diabetes, high blood pressure) to REVERSE the disease naturally so they can RESTORE their health and enjoy freedom from suffering and chronic medication use.

We get frustrated with our health results and feel like we cannot change things, we battle with our weight and think the problem is we are not self disciplined enough when the truth is you haven’t learnt how to lead yourself to the health results that are your birth right.

I am here to show you the way!

So if you are sick and tired of being stuck in a body that is not who you want to be, I can show you how to do this so you can feel more confidence around food and end your fight with self sabotage. I can show you how to raise your energy, heal your metabolism, heal your body the healthy way without feeling deprived. I can show you exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals the effortless way.

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Katie xox

“You’ve been brilliant. You have put me at ease, so easy to talk to and understanding and you don’t judge!”

Stacey, Weight loss client