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As a weight loss coach I’ve helped hundreds of people lose weight, and know all the ‘healthy rules’ yet it wasn’t until my life turned upside down and I gained nearly 4 stones in weight due to pregnancy and emotional eating, that I really understood how to be successful with weight loss.

This is so much more than the number on the scales. This is about your belief in yourself that you can do this and the number on the scales is a big reminder of whether you’ve won or lost.

I’ve always known that ‘dieting’ is not the way to go – yet I was challenged with the ‘diet voice’ and did food restrict but ended up with cravings, and low energy. I got myself back on track for good.

You know this too – dieting doesn’t work in the long run, but you get so frustrated that you can’t keep the weight off, so you try another diet and tell yourself – this time it will work.

You know you need to think differently about food and understand this whole weight loss puzzle but you need someone to show you the way. I can show you how to lose weight for good.

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“You’ve been brilliant. You have put me at ease, so easy to talk to and understanding and you don’t judge!”

Stacey, Weight loss client