3 wrong beliefs about weight loss that are keeping you stuck

What we believe to be true about weight loss can be the difference between whether we succeed or not in losing weight for good, whether we are able to reduce our weight/body fat to a healthy level – break through plateaus, see results and feel fantastic in our clothes – or whether we stay stuck in a yo yo battle.

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Right here I will share with you the 3 wrong beliefs about weight loss that may be blocking you from moving forward.

1. You believe you cannot reach & keep your weight loss dream

We have belief on 2 levels – 1) what we believe to be true in our logical mind “yeh – I can do it” and 2) what we believe a deep level (unconscious or the heart). It’s this deep level that governs our results.

Many people will say – yes they can – but their results tell a different story.  So the first thing I’d ask you to examine is your CORE belief – do you REALLY believe you can reach and keep your weight loss goals?

Because to succeed you really must believe that you can (in your heart) – that your body is no different from anyone who does have a healthy weight – it’s just that you haven’t become aware of what to do that will get you there. Make sense?

You CAN reach and keep your weight loss dreams!

I know you may find this belief hard to digest because you’ve tried and tried so many times and feel like maybe you were born to be overweight and ‘she’ obviously wasn’t!  She must naturally have a high metabolism.   You’ve tried every diet under the sun.

Over the years – I’ve felt very curious about this – most of my family have struggled with their weight – and they would say to me – ‘oh it’s because you have a high metabolism’ – in fact my beloved mother says it to me – to this very day!  I’ve had weight loss surgery clients, type 2 diabetes clients judge me – oh you wouldn’t understand!  You must never get stressed and overeat.

The truth is – I’ve always been quite private about my relationship with food as I felt I needed to ‘tow the line’ of a trained dietitian – when really there was a time that I had unhealthy relationship with food and my body fat did go up – (in fact I’m 33 weeks pregnant at the time of writing this and it has gone up!) but I have a belief at my core than I can achieve the body fat/weight that is healthy for me and this is what this is all about. I control my weight because of my unconscious belief.

You need to believe it too – because it’s true!  You can do this!  You just need to be shown how.


2. The food I have to eat to ‘lose weight’ or ‘healthy food’ is boring!

How many diet programmes have you been on where you have been told to eat this or that food, or cook this recipe, or followed advice from someone else, only to find out how ‘yuck’ the food tasted!

Do you feel a salad is just lettuce, tomato and cucumber?  Who would want to live on that? Well I would find that a little boring!  But here’s the thing….healthy, nutritious food is natural and it is the way it is. It is food and food is not boring. Be grateful the creator could have made us eat dirt to get our nutrition!

It all boils down to a) the freshness of the food you buy b) how long you keep it in the fridge or freezer before you cook it as this affects the quality and taste c) how you prepare the food!

Because you can use lettuce, tomato and cucumber and jazz it up so it tastes amazing – you just need to know how to do 🙂

It’s also your attitude to the food that matters, if you have a negative attitude – “I cannot be bothered to cook” mindset – than you’ll not put loving energy into the food and it will probably taste like c**p because you were not focused on what you were doing #whyweshouldn’tmultitask!

There’s a fine line between making a meal taste good and it being a boring meal.  It’s all about, trying new recipes with fresh food, practice, practice and having a positive attitude.

Lastly, if you have a ‘head based’ relationship with food and use food as a ‘pleasure’ / ‘reward’ then to get that ‘dopamine’ hit your body and mind will be craving high carbohydrate or high fat foods that taste salty or sweet – very strong flavours so you may miss the subtlety of fresh healthy food and feel like it tastes boring.

I always know – if I am not finding my food satisfying and nourishing and tasty – that there’s something going on within me that I need to address. When I do – food tastes like the best thing since sliced bread. It really does. This is something you can shift with inner work.


3. I have zero will power with food

I’ve heard this so many times.  A belief that lies in the fact that food is more powerful than you!  This is not true.

Food has zero power – you give it power with your mental energy (thoughts and feelings and emotions).  Because you lack understanding of how to have a healthy emotional relationship with food.  This doesn’t make you a bad person – it just is the way it is.

Having a healthy emotional relationship with food is something that I’ve worked on for the past 15 years (and still do every day) to make sure my thoughts and feelings are healthy around food.

When you believe food has more power than you – you put yourself in the realm of the victim and victims never win. The good news is this is something you can change!

Food is a powerful nourishing, healing substance but it is not more powerful than you 🙂

As part of my coaching – I help clients to heal this incorrect belief and it changes their life!  You can do this too!


Take time to reflect on these 3 points – do you feel you operate with all or just one or two of these beliefs?  Do they influence how you approach weight loss?

Where do you go from here?
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4 thoughts on “3 wrong beliefs about weight loss that are keeping you stuck

  1. Harvey Lee says:

    Great article! You are sharing such a great article which would be really helpful to achieve the weight loss goal. I like this article so much. Thanks and keep sharing.

    1. You’re most welcome Harvey! Pleased it helped you.

  2. Oh wow! I love this post thank you, you are so inspirational I’ve been trying to loss weight for 5 years and here is a great way thanks for sharing this article I recommend this blog post.

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Don’t give up. Say – I am losing weight. I am successful. You are doing this!
      Katie oxox

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