Coaching Services

Below you will find a detailed outline of the coaching services I provide. Have a read through and send me an enquiry form and we’ll book a zoom coffee and chat. I cannot wait to speak with you! I’m here for you – let’s do this. Love, Katie xo

Maximise Health Coaching Services


1 to 1 Coaching                 Investment: Start up Package for 3 Months with follow up/extension packages

If you are struggling with food anxiety, battling with your weight and emotional/comfort eating and want a one to one coaching experience where you can have accountability and support, then this coaching is perfect for you.  You can expect to feel joy and energy as you become your healthiest self without going on a weight loss diet. You will heal your relationship with food, restore your metabolism and feel food and body confidence.  This coaching is beautifully transformative.

Group Coaching                Investment: Set price lifetime support

You will join a group of women who are on a journey to retrain their thinking from ‘diet mode’ to becoming their healthiest selves. There is a weekly zoom call with me (Katie Charlton) for coaching and accountability, you will join a private Facebook group and you will have your own online log in to access audio and video trainings where you can study at your own pace. You will re-train your brain, raise your metabolism, and become your healthiest happiest self.

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    “Thank you for, I would not have been able to make it in my weight loss journey without you. Your support during this process has helped me to understand my emotional relationship and connection with food. Your advice has been invaluable. I believe your eye opening informative advice should be shared with everyone.

    Kirsty, UK