1 to 1 Health Coaching

‘Dis-ease’ exists in a body that is not ‘AT-ease’

Symptoms is your body speaking to you!

YOU have the ability to change your health.

If I can YOU can too – let me show you xox

1 to 1 Coaching with Katie Charlton

⭐️  3 month starter package.
⭐️  You can pay upfront or on instalments.
⭐️  Extension packages available if we need to work together for longer.
⭐️  Weekly zoom calls with messaging and email support.

My mission with you is results confidently and quickly in a headspace of love not fear!


Q: I am worried if I invest $ again and I fail I will lose and money and feel awful about myself as I will not have results and be back at square one.
A: I totally understand – you can do this – you need the right coach that will be there with you to walk through the tough times and be there for you. In the FREE ASSESSMENT you will get a feel for if I am the right person for you.

Q: I live a busy life and I am worried this will take up too much time.

A: If you had a baby you would do what it takes to meet the needs of that child and this is about you seeing the value in honouring your own needs. Caring for your health (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) is a humans priority. When you get out of fear/fight/flight you will see that it really doesn’t take up too much time, it’s working with your mind and forming new habits.

Q: I can’t cook! I am worried I will have to buy all this food I won’t like or know what to do with!
A: Not to worry – I can show you how to take baby steps to learn how to put normal food together to maintain your body. I can give you easy to follow recipes of every day foods that you like to eat and if you struggle to eat healthy food but want to. I can help you with this too!

Q: Will I have to buy weird/special / diet foods.
A: I think your fear is that you won’t like the foods and you will feel unhappy and deprived. This has a lot to with your relationship with food and feeling like you are forced to do something you don’t want to do. This is about YOU being in control and making empowering choices and learning how food can heal you.

Q: Will I have to spend a lot of money on supplements?
A: You can achieve massive health shifts with food alone, however, given the nature of our ‘toxic’ environment and nutrient depleted soils – in this day and age, if you want to get swift results YES, you do need to consider investing in supplements. HOWEVER this is not about you taking a million things you don’t like, because someone is pushing all their products on to you. This is about providing nutrition to your body. When you understand, what and why and how you will feel different. Quality supplements are not harmful and safer than pharmaceuticals which most people have no problems taking. See it as a safe investment.

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    “Thank you for, I would not have been able to make it in my weight loss journey without you. Your support during this process has helped me to understand my emotional relationship and connection with food. Your advice has been invaluable. I believe your eye opening informative advice should be shared with everyone.

    Kirsty, UK