Simple Summer Eating Tip

As I’m writing this blog it’s 30 degrees.


Come the summer, we all tend to unwind as the warmer weather forces us to slow down a bit.


Winding down often includes, alcohol, fatty and sugary foods!


We feel we want to ‘treat’ ourselves to get rid of the stress and help us relax.  Do you want to break this habit??


Well the summer is as good a time as any – especially when you are bearing your body to the world – to stop and look at what you are doing with food 🙂


Often when you think about what you ‘fancy’ you’re forgetting about simple things that will help you to feel much better about yourself in the heat.


The most simple thing is to remember to drink a lot more when it’s hot and to have more fruit and vegetables.


Most people don’t drink enough in the winter, and then wonder why they get massive cravings for ice creams when it’s hot!


Always remember this:

-you will get cravings to eat when you should be drinking water!!


Here’s a simple tip:

-To get your fluids you need about 30ml per kg of body weight e.g. I’m 70kg.  I need to drink 2L of water as a minimum EVERY day.  In this weather I’ll sweat more so I drink about another litre on top of that.

-Instead of ice cream – have fruit salad and yoghurt e.g. I love strawberries, cherries, nectarine, apricots and natural yoghurt

-Instead of a heavy meal – have a salad e.g. Greek salad with Fish 🙂

-Every time you drink alcohol have a large glass of water


How do you feel about your body this summer?  Are you happy?  Remember quick fix diets don’t work.   What habits can you put in place right now that will have you grinning from ear to ear next summer?

With healthy wishes,

p.s do you know anyone who eats when they should be drinking water?  Share or forward this blog post to them 🙂

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