The goal getting solution

Every year you have a new opportunity to show the world more of you 🙂


A healthy, strong and powerful you!


I say to clients the most important project you’ll ever work on is yourself!


What do you want to achieve with your health in 2017?


Take a few minutes now to decide on one goal – pick just one thing 🙂


Now appreciate that in order to achieve that goal you are going to have to commit to doing many different activities. You are going to have to change some habits.


This is where most people fall down when it comes to New Year resolutions/achieving their goals.


Because the goal setting part of your mind is different from the goal achieving part of your mind.


With goal achieving we are dealing with habits…..our behaviour.


Our habits are controlled by our automatic pilot or subconsciousness mind that is actually more powerful than our conscious mind we use on a day to day basis.


This means that it feels very natural to keep doing what we were doing, and it feels uncomfortable to start doing new things.  Even if the new is better for us and the old is not 🙂


So with this in mind, you will at times fail to perfectly execute your goals.


Now your reaction to the failure is what really matters.  Because if you beat yourself up at the first sign of frustration, you will end up going now where.


You have to accept you will make mistakes as you change habits and learn the best ways to achieving your goals, the key is to get back up and keep going 🙂


Perfection comes with mastery.


And mastery requires you to have a vision, and a coach to guide you forward (if we knew how to do it, we would have achieved our goals already).


So as you move forward into the unknown, give yourself permission to experiment and just have go and keep on having a go.


Bottom line:  Never give up working on your health 🙂


Aren’t habits tricky?  When it comes to making new habits stick – what one thing do you think you need the biggest support with changing?


Leave a comment below 🙂

With love,

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