How to indulge at Christmas

I made a Christmas pudding on Sunday.  Made from scratch and steamed it.  Was very easy to do!


I took it out of the fridge just now and…when I took the cover off, the smell just blew my mind.


Fruity, buttery, spicy, citrus HEAVEN!  Oh my!


I just couldn’t get enough of it…..


I now have images flooding my mind of how good this will taste hot with cream/ice cream and homemade custard (yes I do that from scratch too!)


Enjoying food is so important, but I know how important taking care of your body is for you.  Here are some festive questions you want to ask yourself:


-think about how conscious you are with your eating habits over the next few weeks

-do you use the festive period as an excuse to be greedy?

-do you stress out and wonder how to handle all this food?

-do you stop and work up an appetite for real food that makes your mouth water with anticipation?


Because to indulge….is to….

-allow yourself something you desire
-allow yourself to feel the pleasure of something you enjoy.


There is nothing wrong with that is there?


To indulge is to not switch off, overeat portion sizes and become a snacking zombie.


Indulging in the way I have described is when you feel tuned in!  


This way is good for you.


-what are you planning on eating that is a quality, true indulgence?


Leave a comment below. I’d love to chat with you about this topic!


Ponder this….you have control over your health when you have control over knowing what does into your food.


So put on your sexy apron and get cooking!


With love,

p.s I like to get people thinking about eating habits and Christmas so if you know of anyone who would read this, please share this post.

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2 thoughts on “How to indulge at Christmas

  1. Tabitha says:

    Food always tastes better when you’ve really thought hard about what’s going in it as you slave over it yourself. And the anticipation is so much better when you’re hovering over a stove over simply opening a packet. We can all indulge at Christmas, but it’s possible to indulge on that which makes you feel great, rather than plowing through boxes of snacky novelties. You’re right, indulge on the things you really want.

    1. peck says:

      Hi Tabitha,

      There is something really special about eating food when you have put the time and effort into preparing or enjoying food that others have made with love for you.

      Great comments,

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