Make healthy food fun

One thing that makes me really happy is food. I think it’s fun.  It makes me feel good.


Whether it’s a salad or cake.  I want to make it taste delicious.  I want people to love what I cook.


Food is such a big and very special part of our our life isn’t it?


It feeds your heart, nourishes your soul and keeps you strong and youthful.


Are you having fun with food?


Are you having fun with healthy food?


Do you feel at times you’ll be missing out if you are eating healthy.  Do you ever feel deprived or it will just be too time consuming!


That sooner or later, they’ll return to ‘normal’ foods.


We’ve been programmed to think eating healthy is temporary.  That healthy eating is not fun!  That’s only something you do on a diet.


This is of course, completely not how I see things.


It’s not about dieting – or a temporary fix – this is your way of life and it should be fun.


Your homework 🙂

-Pick a favourite meal – it could be breakfast, a main dish, light meal or snack or a dessert.  What can you do to ‘healthy’ things up….what can you do to make it healthier?  Healthier but still fun to eat.  Be creative.


Example:  Steak and Chips

-choose lean cut of meat and trim off the fat

-season it well for taste using olive oil, use sea salt and black pepper

-avoid overcooking to charcoal  – blackened meat is not good for you

-make chunky chips yourself – portion out the olive oil – mix oil into potatoes with hands before putting it into a roasting dish

-have large serve of steamed vegetables without butter (there’s enough fat in this meal already).


Leave your comments below.

With love,

p.s do you know someone who really wants to improve their health but struggles with this mindset?  Share this blog post with them 🙂

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