Nutrition Basics – Tip # 1

Success with nutrition – is about how you think….and I want you to think about the food available to you outside of your home.


Our food environment has an enormous effect on us. ‘Tempting’ foods are positioned to catch your eye when you are feeling the most vulnerable.


The bottom line is you don’t walk into a supermarket/grocery store, or petrol station and get hit in the face by greenery!


In my local it’s donuts and iced buns that will say ‘hello’ as you walk through the door desperate to eat something because it’s 5:45pm on a Friday and you’re grumpy, you forgot your lunch, had a million and one emails to deal with, your boss breathing down your neck all day plus your mobile going constantly because the plumber seemed to break everything in your house rather than fix it!


In that moment, you don’t give a damn about ‘healthy eating’ – you just want to feel better!


And that’s life, that’s how the cycle goes.  Then you feel painfully upset every summer and New Year because you don’t feel like you are being who you want to be!


But what if you looked at things differently??


What if you threw away the disconnected notion of ‘healthy eating’ and think about the fact that you have been gifted this amazing body and by goodness you better look after it!


Because you only have one body in this life.


What if you took responsibility and became committed rather than dipping in and out when it suited you?


Because until all of us do – we’ll make excuses and end up living our whole lives as the shadow of who we could become if we took care of ourselves better and blossomed into our potential.


This is true for me and true for you 🙂


But here’s the secret.  You’d feel so good when you would blossom…..donuts would point blank lose their appeal 🙂


So you know that food is our elixir of life – that contains nutrients. Right?


But what is a nutrient?


It’s a substance that gives you life – that’s right LIFE 🙂


Think of how you would feel if those trillons of cells that make up you – were powered with life!


You’d be unstoppable – you’d be more than a superhero 🙂


You’d be YOU!  Don’t you think YOU are worth boosting up on your priority list?


Take some time to reflect on what I’m saying here and think about the food you eat.  Then leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!


Question: What is something you can do to change one challenging food habit – that you KNOW needs changing – but keep putting off….that keeps you from your superhero self?


Until next time!

p.s   Do you have a close friend who really struggles to make long lasting change – tweet or share this post as it may really give them the boost they need 🙂

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