Fertility booster for men

When it comes to fertility much of the focus is on women and whilst that’s extremely important – let’s not forget it takes two to tango and men should give their nutrition equal focus if a couple is wanting to conceive.


Fascinating research has highlighted specific nutrients keep sperm healthy by:

-making them stronger and tougher

-better looking inside and out

-producing more of them

-making them swim faster


I’ve picked 4 key antioxidants that are crucial in achieving healthy sperm:

1) Zinc

2) Selenium

3) Vitamin E

4) Vitamin C


I’ve picked the HIGHEST food sources of each and put into a menu plan!  Here it is:


Fertility Boosting Menu Plan for Men 🙂


1/2 lemon juiced in a pint of water



Small bowl porridge (use old fashioned oats and cook with full fat milk and water)
Mix 1 tsp of wheat germ into the porridge when cooked
Top with 1 tbsp mixed seeds (pumpkin/sunflower) and 1 tbsp almonds, 1 sliced kiwifruit


Protein snack:

Tuna steak (fresh) eat cold and left over from night before’s dinner
4 Brazil nuts, 5 cashew nuts



Avocado and chicken salad (use 1 avocado, 200g free range chicken breast, spinach, lettuce, spring onion) – use extra virgin olive oil dressing



6 raw oysters (these are mega high in zinc – make sure they are fresh – you might want to go to reputable restaurant)

Beef steak (medium rare), pepper sauce, potatoes, steamed kale


Delicious! 🙂


Do you know that one in 20 men are affected by infertility and that a diet low in antioxidants is linked with poor sperm health?


I’d love for this advice to reach the people who need it.  It’s important and often not talked about.


If you know anyone who would be happy to get this menu please forward to them.

With love,

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