Be the food master this Christmas

I want to share this picture with you.  It’s my special Christmas book (1822 – The Night Before Christmas) I’ve had pretty much my whole life!


There was so much excitement generated from reading this and the joy this family experienced with food and gifts on one day.


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As you know Christmas food appears on shelves from October and things really ramp up from this time!


Parties shopping and more parties = more food and drink shoved in front of your eyes!


How does one successfully navigate this time without feeling bloated and sluggish in January?


Answer:  By being the food master!  This means:

– YOU decide what food you will buy and keep in your house this festive season

– YOU decide what you will say yes or no to at a family gathering

– YOU decide whether you want to drink the entire bottle of wine at a party

– YOU decide whether you want that third helping of mashed potatoes

– YOU decide how many packets of mince pies or boxes of celebrations you will get through

– YOU decide whether you tune out and overeat for the next 30 days.

– YOU decide whether you put on your gloves, hat and scarf and move that body of yours!


No one else – JUST YOU 🙂  


Bottom line:  Food doesn’t control you.  You control it AND you don’t have to eat it all, just a little bit of everything!


Question:  What’s the hardest thing you find about managing your eating over this next 4 week?


Please share in the comments below 🙂

With love,

p.s Please share this post to help people who get stressed over their eating this time of year.

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