Christmas day food trick!

How many times have you heard someone say this to you on Christmas day?


“don’t eat breakfast or you’ll ruin your appetite”!


Well….it’s a myth because I did it once and vowed to never do it again, I didn’t eat breakfast and couldn’t manage to eat much the rest of the day at all!


Ended up feeling unhappy and bloated late afternoon!



Bottom line:  Having breakfast on Christmas day is a good idea – here’s why:

#1:  It will put you in a good mood so people will want to be around you 🙂

#2:  It will give you energy so you are efficient in the kitchen and cook an award winning Christmas dinner!

#3:  It will actually help you to feel LESS stuffed full and be able to eat more 🙂


My Christmas day breakfast favourites are:  home made muesli with milk, fresh fruit and natural yoghurt or porridge with milk, topped with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit 🙂


The trick is to have something familiar that you know you digest well.


Fat delays digestion (food stays in your stomach for longer), so the worst breakfast you can have on Christmas morning is a cooked breakfast.  There will be fat in the roast, you don’t need it for breakfast too!!


We all want to enjoy the Christmas day treats.  I am not going to discourage you from feeling a bit full on this day.  But you don’t want to go overboard and be greedy 🙂


Eating this type of light nourishing breakfast will mean you’ll process it well within a couple of hours and be eager and ready for a good sized roast meal.


Question:  What do you usually have for breakfast on Christmas day and will you make a change to a lighter cereal based breakfast?  Tell in the comments below.

With love,

p.s Do you have a friend who’s keen to get their eating right this Christmas?  Share this blog to them 🙂

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