Think you can and do anything

Do you feel like sometimes, life can seem like a seemingly impossible task?


Do you remember this story: “The little engine that could”?


This story touches my heart because the stranded train must be pulled over the high mountain of difficult terrain and noone wants to help. Powerful big engines decline and this brave small engine decides to do it.


The little engine repeats – “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” over and over again. 


And overcomes this enormous challenge.  This story is so simple yet powerful.


Golden nugget:  Take action even if you fear you’ll fail.


Don’t you think it’s so easy to lose this positive attitude as life challanges repeatedly come your way?


There’s so much to learn from this story.


Your refresher: 

When you wake tomorrow, decide to be The Little Engine.  Here’s your question:

What specific eating task do you want to apply “I think I can” to?

Share what your task will be in the comments below.

Here’s to paving the way to positive changes!

With love,

p.s  Do you have a friend who likes the story of The Little Engine? Share this post to them, this could be the day they decide to climb that mountain.

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