Get forever weight/fat loss

I love motivating people to take action to take care of themselves better with food, nutrition and healthy living – so ultimately they get more life!


Better energy, less fatigue, no brain fog, strong digestion, weight/fat loss. This is priceless!


Your health is the most important thing in your life – without health you can’t live and I want you to be around a very long on this beautiful planet with those you love.


Rob’s on this pathway!


At 52 years – he was having symptoms related to a digestive health condition, was lacking in energy and overweight.


He also had a raised HbA1c in diabetes range (this is a 3 month measure of how well your body manages glucose in your blood).


His body fat was 26.7%. For men – healthy is between 10-20% body fat – so 26% is in overweight range.


His body was communicating loudly to him – listen to me!


He listened!  Now….

-20% body fat (1.5 stones of fat reduction)
-8cm less around his waist (this is internal visceral fat)
-HbA1c is now OUT of the diabetic range (blood tests confirmed this)
-energy is high
-digestion much improved


To achieve these results you need to be in the right mindset.  You need to be body mode NOT diet mode.


Are you in diet mode?  Do you know the difference between diet mode and body mode?


How motivated are you?  Do you want badly to make a shift – but you’re not doing it?


Let me help make that mindset shift – over the next 5 emails I’ll be giving you FREE content on how to retrain your brain for lifelong weight loss!


Are you ready??!!


Because if you don’t have your head in the right space – no amount of brilliant life changing nutrition and healthy living knowledge will do you any good.


I believe summer is the perfect time to make a mindset shift.


p.s if you want to have a chat find out about my private coaching click here to book your free assessment with me!


With love,

Get forever fat loss – permanent weight loss results

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  1. peck says:

    Hi Wendie,
    Yes having good levels of probiotic bacteria in your digestion is important. Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂

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