Sleep for permanent weight loss

If you are serious about getting healthy body fat – then you should be very focused about getting good quality sleep 🙂


Most people don’t even think their sleep habits are important if you want healthy body fat – but they’re as important to weight loss as rain is important to the grass growing!


Saying – ‘oh I get my 7-8 hours of sleep every night’ doesn’t mean you are actually getting the ‘quality’ sleep you need.


So you may well be sleep deprived and not even aware you are and this area of your lifestyle may be the block that is stopping your weight loss results.


Golden nugget:  If you want to get permanent weight loss results the healthy way – your goal should be to get high energy levels during the day – because this means that your body is in ‘weight loss metabolism mode’.


And your energy levels during the day are a direct mirror to your quality of your sleep at night.


So I’m going to give you now – one very valuable weight loss tip that is a life changing game changer if you make it a habit.


Weight loss tip:  be respectful to your natural sleepy feelings that start after dinner and fall asleep at the right time FOR YOU! 🙂


In other words – when you start to feel tired – don’t ignore that feeling.  This is your body secreting melatonin the sleep hormone – and this is a signal you need to act on and go to bed.


-Don’t fall asleep in front of the TV
-Don’t eat something to wake you up
-Don’t wait for that second wind 


These are negative habits that will lower your energy levels the next day.


The trick to getting permanent weight loss results you want to be in tune with your body – if you are out of tune you will ignore your body signals at night when you feel tired, and you’ll be more likely to rely on caffeine and sweet foods to boost your energy in the day.


This will pull you off track and put your body into fat storage mode.


So how do we fix this?

-observe your habits from 7:30pm in the evening.
-when do you start to feel sleepy?
-do you listen out for this feeling?
-do you go to bed when your body is telling you?
-or does your mind try to talk you out of it?
-do you ignore this feeling and push on?


Closely observe your behaviour over the next 4 days to see if you are ignoring this basic healthy self care boundary.


Through observing yourself you will become more aware of what you do.


Why is this so important? Because – what you do or your action – gets you your results.


If you don’t like your results, be committed to learning and understanding – what you do!

With love,

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