Exercise motivation from Olympic Skier

I’m so comfortable with food – but exercise, well I know how important it is but I have to work on my motivation, exercise is the thing that slips for me if I’m being challenged with things in my life.


At the time of writing this blog I row on the water at Maidstone Invicta Rowing Club to keep fit and after my wonderful 6k outing on Sunday I was speaking with our ladies Captain – Baye from Canada.

Her brother Kevin is in the Canadian Olympic Ski team – wooo hoo!  She is going to South Korea this week to watch him compete in Freestyle Skiing. I felt so happy for her!


What inspired me to chat with her was that I saw this 2 minute advert from 2014 Winter Olympics.  It deeply moved my heart.


I thought about what her brothers journey may have been to get the Olympics.


A general belief exists that people like this – are born lucky and never have ups and downs.


This is a load of ****.


Baye shared with me in a personal conversation how incredibly proud she is of Kevin, and to an outsider it would look like his athletic ability would come easy to him, but she’s seen the hours he has put into his training and testing his limits to allow his body to perform feats that she can’t even imagine.


The bottom line is that he has worked his b*** off – not only that…..he’s….


overcome failures


There were so many points where he could have so easily given up


But he didn’t – each step – he saw as a learning curve – that enabled him to become an Olympic athlete.


At the end of day – she said – he would challenge his thinking with:


-why he does he do what does?  Answer:


Because he loves it!


Then any hurdle he would overcome, any set back did not have to mean failure and the end…


In fact a set back – can mean the beginning of something – pretty amazing and in Kevin’s case the Olympics.


Here’s the thing:

-Don’t give up on things that really mean a lot to you.


The passion you feel for something is necessary to drive you forward when things are not going as you would have hoped they would.


We become so scared we can never have the dream we want, we let fear win – we give up too easy thinking that our cosy comfort zone is actually doing us good.


We need to develop more emotional courage 🙂 


Failing is a part of winning.


Give yourself permission to experiment and take risks so you can make mistakes and then learn from them.


I’m super happy to share this with you! Isn’t this inspiring?


So in the interest of motivation to achieve your health goals and not giving up – I’ll like you to become a watchful observer of yourself over the next few weeks.


Really notice when you feel you want to ‘give up’ and make a determined effort not to – spin and do a complete 180!  Pull out your emotional bravery!


This could be related to any aspect of your self care – sorting out your sleep, maintaining high levels of hydration, getting out your gym bag and going, improving your eating habits or food choices, remembering to take your supplements, planning your schedule so you can have time for self care, working on your mindset – anything!


Whatever it may be for you – have courage to be uncomfortable and do something different.  You got this!! 🙂


Leave a comment below – what area do you think  you will need to give the most attention to?

With love,

p.s.  If you know of a friend who is struggling with motivation for weight loss please forward this to them!

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