Say goodbye to stressing over your weight

Summer’s coming.  Long evenings.  Heat.  Food.  Imagine relaxing with a glass of wine as you polish off a gorgeous home cooked meal, feeling the warmth of the day wrap around you like a big comfort blanket.


Ahhhh bliss!  As you exhale and unwind.


Food should always be part of that relaxation.


Wouldn’t it feel so good to know how to manage your weight without ever having to worry about whether you should get on the scales the next day?


And even better – being completely calm about whatever number pops up on the scales, when you do happen to get on them.


Maybe you’re reading this and don’t have an issue with the scales but you probably know someone who does.


There are many many people who get anxious and triggered by stepping on to the scales.


It’s like the scales seems have some kind of weird super power over us – and ultimately determines our self worth.


To base your emotional well being on what the scales say – will cause you unnecessary pain.


You decide whether you love yourself or not – don’t give that power to a piece of equipment.


I teach my clients – how to monitor their body composition correctly so they can re-set their thinking around the scales and weight loss.


At the end of day you are a gorgeous person whether you are 11 stone or 22 stones – the question you want to ask yourself is this…..


Am I getting the results I want?  Am I happy?  How can I make this positive?


The solution is to learn how think so you can free yourself of the painful feelings around the scales.


Learn what to do with food so you can break through the frustrations and get the results you want and see your body composition change in a healthy way right before your very eyes – in a way that makes sense……


The best time to begin to shift your thinking and take action is right now.


I can show you how to get control of this.   No guilt.  Only lightness and freedom.


If you are challenged by this…..take 5 minutes to reflect.


Answer these questions:  1) can you identify one big fear that is connected with the scales and 2) what specifically do you need help with that would make that fear go away?

With love,

p.s – Do you know anyone who wants to approach weight loss from a place of love – not self punishment?  Forward this email to them 🙂

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