Weight loss wardrobe challenge

I’ve learnt that with weight loss, it’s common to lack faith in your own abilities to really believe you can succeed.  


Part of you feels better knowing you have that safety zone to fall back too.  But that knowing can also keep you trapped from moving forward.  


A perfect example with weight loss is…..the wardrobe.  


Have you been holding on to clothes that are too big for you now?  


Fearful of what will happen if you throw them away?  


Keeping them there, thinking you will feel comfortable, even safe.  What if I gain the weight back, what if I fail?  


This kind of thinking hold us back.  Existing in some kind of limbo.  


You’ll never win if all you can think about is failure and moving back into safety.  We must move forward.  


So here’s the challenge:  

-get some fresh air moving through your wardrobe over the next few weeks 

-create some space for clothes to flow in that fit you really well now (you can adjust as you move forward (and you will move forward).  

-emotionally and physically let go of all those ‘safety zone’ clothes

-throw them away or give them away  


Because it’s so much more than just clothes, isn’t it?  


It’s about letting go of that person who was wearing those clothes. The person who is not who you want to be.  


Share your comments below.  Do you have a friend who’s not letting go and needs to clear out their wardrobe?  Share this with them 🙂

With love,

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