Powerful health convictions

Oak trees are powerful strong steady trees.  I adore them.


I once had a poster titled conviction.


It had a picture of a giant oak tree and the caption read “Every oak tree started out as a couple of nuts who stood their ground”  LOVE IT!!!!!


The definition of conviction reads: a firmly held belief or opinion.  


It’s a powerful word, and it fits well to think of how a oak tree through the passage of time appears from a little acorn.  The little acorn would have plenty of conviction that it would turn into a mighty oak.


Now the acorn didn’t need to stand it’s soap box telling the world it was going to be a mighty oak.  It knew, it believed, it just did it 🙂


To me conviction is about inner strength that shows over time on the outside.


When something is fixed so firmly in your heart, you really don’t feel the need to say anything.  You believe it and you do it.


With health, our convictions about healthy living are challenged all the time.  Here are a few examples:

-Walk into the supermarket = visual of iced buns, smell of donuts and hot cross buns
-Go to pay for petrol = rows upon rows of processed chocolate bars
Go and have a coffee or tea in local cafe = scones, cakes, biscuits


We all know how addictive these refined carbohydrates, sugary and fatty foods are.  We all know how life tests us and so we feel weak to the temptation to eat these so called comforting foods.


If you don’t have a powerful health conviction or are disconnected from them.  You’ll be easily compelled or controlled by your environment.  You’ll feel like you are continuously failing.


So how do you firm up your health convictions?


-You have to have strong convictions in the first place before you can firm them up!
-You have to have fixed healthy beliefs about food and your health.
-You need to get yourself connected.  Connected to your heart and what matters to you.
-You have to FEEL it!


This is how you develop strong convictions.  Then you firm them up by thinking about them regularly and feeling happiness!


13 April body pic



-What are your deep beliefs about food and your health?


Because if your inner beliefs don’t match up with vitality, longevity and health you won’t follow through, you won’t have conviction and your diet will suffer.


e.g. whilst you may not like being overweight, you may have the belief that life is boring without the ‘treat’ foods and the fear of boredom outweighs motivation to be healthy.  You’ll have weak health convictions and you’ll eat these foods often.


Bottom line:

It all starts with what we believe in our hearts to be true.  Let’s stay in tune with mother nature and keep our positive health convictions powerful and strong!


Do you feel you need to firm up your convictions?  Leave a comment below 🙂


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With love,

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4 thoughts on “Powerful health convictions

  1. Dawn Jones says:

    Thank you, Katie,
    This is exactly what I needed this morning. Everything from the fridge magnet from your sister, the fact you have a sister that cares about you like mine cares about me and that you have been divorced, to the conviction of the oak tree.
    I am forwarding this to my sister because I care about her just as much and she could do with this lift, too.


    1. peck says:

      Hi Dawn,
      Your response is beautiful.
      I’m really happy you find this post helpful to you.
      Life is full of surprises, many of which guide us to becoming our true self, it’s later on that we can see that 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks so much for this.

    Really struggling with making the right food choices. I see food as a treat and this is what I am trying to undo. The earth provides everything we and I understand that we fuel our bodies not feed them! 21 pound to lose and then done and maintain.

    Helen x

    1. peck says:

      Hi Helen,

      You can do this! It’s a mindset. Enjoy learning about nutrition and the role of nourishment. That will help to shift your focus from food being there to soothe uncomfortable emotions.

      Katie 🙂

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