Hydration 101

If I had a pound for every time someone told me they don’t like the taste of water – I’d have a few hundred pounds at least 🙂


It’s ok that water doesn’t taste like the best thing in the world.  There are things that are very good for us that don’t taste like crispy duck pancakes or ice cream and that’s perfectly ok.


Water is not like drinking champagne or chocolate milk shake – but boy would we get sick of these two delights if we had them every day.


I’m completely in love with water and here’s why:

-it’s the only neutral food and drink we have – it’s pure, there’s nothing added to it

-your body loves it because it doesn’t have to do any work to process it

-water moisturises, lubricates, oils, flushes every cell in your body (and you have several trillion!)

-you are 70% water, you cannot store it, you lose it all the time and will eat more if you are dehydrated

-your body fluids, saliva, gastric juices, other body fluids all are made from water – so if you don’t drink enough, you’ll over time dry up!

-constipation and bad breath are often related to the fact you are not drinking enough water!


But the good news is:  you can learn to love the taste of water


You’ll be surprised at just how your energy levels will go up by correcting your water habits.  This is a basic habit that most people neglect!


Your homework:

Replace your usual tea, coffee, juice, squash or diet coke – with water, prioritise water for this entire week.


Make it your goal to drink more plain water every day this week 🙂


If you came to see me for nutrition plan, we’d work out a water strategy for you, such as amounts and times that work best for your health goals.


Let me know how you get on – leave a comment below.  What was the most challenging thing about increasing your water intake?

With love,

p.s do you know of a family member or friend who is seriously a non water drinker?  Share this blog post to them.

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2 thoughts on “Hydration 101

  1. Adam Hills says:

    Hi Katie
    Water is something I’m much better at now, I’ve been drinking much more plain water for about a year.
    I have 500ml when i wake up. 2 litres throughout the day at the office (1 jug during the morning and another during the afternoon ). And another 500ml in the evening.
    It is harder at the weekend, but i try to remember.

    1. peck says:

      Hi Adam!
      That’s awesome work. Well done!
      Yes, the weekend is different as our habits are different, try to keep water bottle with you and when indoors drink a few pints morning and early afternoon.
      Good stuff 🙂

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