Merry Christmas!

I love the UK Christmas day roast tradition, but there is a tendency for this meal to get a bit too fat rich.


High fat meals take a while for your digestion to process and can leave you low and sluggish which won’t make you happy.


I know you may say, “Katie it’s only one day a year” and you’d be right, but if we cook a Christmas day meal that dripping in fat we may well do it every Sunday over the course of the year 🙂


There are some really simple things you can do to cut back on fat and aid your digestion and energy levels:


1:  Have a oats based breakfast rather than a fry up (see last weeks blog for tips on this!) and avoid constant picking and snacking at food all day e.g. picking at the food in the kitchen as you cook the dinner, and constantly snacking on nuts, and chocolates over the day!  Enjoy sweet satumas instead!


2: Fat is naturally present in the meat you cook and will come out into the meat juices plus you don’t want really fatty gravy – yuck!  Turkey has less fat than other meats so you can get away with rubbing a bit of oil or fat on to your turkey but in general if you are cooking ham, beef or lamb or goose or duck I’d avoid putting any fat on the meat or bird.  You really don’t need to – if you are worried about it drying out, use tin foil!


3: When mixing potatoes with fat or oil, use a spoon to measure out and mix rather than pour ad lib and drizzle a little oil into non stick tins when cooking Yorkshire puddings.  And use semi skimmed milk when you make bread sauce and there is no need to cover your vegetables in butter!  Too much fat can ruin your meal.


4:  Do you really need to add pouring cream and brandy butter to your Christmas pudding?  Why not have some nice custard or vanilla yoghurt?


5: Wait for a few hours after your lunch and go for a nice long walk, then when you come back in drink some water with a good squeeze of lemon and watch a film and wait for your digestion to pick up before you eat anything else!  Give your digestion some room to digest and process 🙂





I wish you and the people you love a special joy filled time together eating food that makes you happy!


It’s been SUCH a delight to write these blogs and I will be back on 6 January 2016 with all new content to support you towards your health goals in 2016.


Do you have any particular topics you would like to see in this blog next year?  If so please write in the comments below!


Let’s make next year your best health year yet!!!

With festive love!

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