Katie’s Kitchen

I love food – isn’t it such a pleasure in life?  I love eating!


Do you like being in your kitchen and cooking or do you see it as a burden weighing you down?


That you just don’t have time for – do you feel resentful?


We want to have FUN in the kitchen and turn nutrition and cooking – into a fun game!


A game that YOU WIN.


Winning = fantastic health and feeling amazing.


I feel very at ease and energised by being in the kitchen – I don’t have a big kitchen but I have a system.


My secret is that I know what food I’ve got in my kitchen.  I have good ‘stock rotation’ in my kitchen. I don’t have heaps of out of date ‘dry store’ ingredients.


I don’t want to throw money away.  I want to save money – and be healthy.  Here’s my planning list on my fridge:

So I thought of you – and grabbed my camera – here’s a 2 minute clip of me in my kitchen doing some prep work on.  It’s on facebook click here.



I want to share more with you about cooking, preparing food in a healthy way – would you like that?


Do you have any questions about cooking healthy eating?  Share your comments below 🙂


Happy healthy eating!

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