How to deal with peckish

Are you feeling peckish right now?  🙂


Do you know that if you google peckish definition it comes up with HUNGRY as the answer!!!


Well – this leaves me speechless……Here’s two reasons why:

1) Peckish a feeling you get in your mouth – in my opinion – it’s NOT a feeling you get in your tummy.

2) You want to WAIT until you get plenty of movement, noise, sensation in your stomach for a little while before you eat 🙂




This is why I see so many people struggle with naturally controlling their appetite as we are told to eat when we are peckish not when you’ve found your HUNGER SWEET SPOT.


Finding your hunger sweet spot is a key part of the appetite control I teach my private clients.


Your homework:

So a client once said to me… “Katie – so are you saying I’ve got to suffer peckish?”


Well I couldn’t say suffer, I like sitting with peckish 🙂


Are you ready to sit with Peckish with me this week?  Think of how great a meal will taste when you actually feel a true appetite for it!

With love,


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