Why I love to help people with weight loss

Here is a video on did for you on why I love to help people with weight loss.



Over the past 11 years, I’ve had weight loss clients (private and NHS judge me and tell me to my face – you couldn’t possibility understand my situation.


A few times when I was less secure I came home and cried my eyes out.


I just desire to help people.  I’m very intuitive and this is why I’m so good at helping people.  It hurt to be judged and have people dump their frustrations on me.


Yet the joy I get from helping my amazing clients who value my help and see their lives changes is soooo worth it.


Just a few weeks ago, I overheard a female colleague say to a male colleague – “look at her – typical – stick thin dietitian” and he said “well – she obviously follows her own advice”


YES – this warmed my heart.  This ladies comment inspired me to share this with you.


I’ve never had body fat outside of the healthy range (mine have been from 25-31%) despite this I feel I’m the perfect person to be a weight loss coach – because of my passion, my knowledge, my experience, my own story and what I have observed from those close to me who struggled with their weight.


I can remember my mum had a habit of not eating all day (she said she didn’t have time) – she’d come in at the end of the day exhausted, grumpy with a headache – and overeat.


She would also diet – and didn’t have a healthy relationship with food.  Other members of my family have also struggled with their weight.


Environment is powerful – we are influenced so strongly by who’s around us – especially when we’re children so I feel proud that despite conditioning – I’ve made a decision to think differently about food and my relationship with it.


In my 20’s and thirties – I worked a lot to change my ‘dieting inner self talk’ and ‘food mindset’.


Every day I work on my nutrition, my relationship with food, my body and exercise.


I love to help men and women 35+ turn their health around, raise their energy and metabolism. get rid of cravings and achieve lifelong healthy body fat without dieting.


My unique gift is that I understand what the human body needs to have a great metabolism and I’ve also had over 6,000 consultations where I’m a student to learning more and more about people and what stops us and what we need to do for success.


I know in great depth:

-why people diet
-what diets do to our body
-why diets are never a permanent solution
-how people think who struggle with their weight
-the emotions that people experience when they struggle with food and their weight
-how to treat emotional eating
-how to help someone change their thinking so they feel free from this struggle
-how teach the skills so weight control feels easy
-how to be extremely confident with food and know what to eat
-how to eat cake and chocolate, crisps, alcohol and never feel guilty


This is like magic – because when you understand how magic works – your whole world changes – as you see things you didn’t see before.


Here’s how I can help:

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-private 1-on-1 weight loss mindset coaching 


If you are feeling at all dissatisfied with your body fat levels – and feel stuck – don’t keep putting it off – the longer you leave it the more challenging it becomes.


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Client testimonial:  Julie had battled with her weight for 20 years, and had numerous health issues and was on medications – she had significant weight loss after only a few months of working with me.

She told me about a conversation she had with her beauty therapist – “I thought I’d have no fun and I couldn’t have been more wrong – I’m enjoying it!  I now like being in the kitchen. I feel happy and positive – most of our conversations have been about my problems. This has opened my mind and made me realise so much”.


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