What kind of foodie are you?

As I sit here writing this blog I’ve got one mouthful left of my GORGEOUS birthday cake.


Lemon Courgette Cake – oh my, it’s that good I’m speechless.


I experiment with reducing the sugar, using brown sugar, olive oil, adding vegetables, organic lemon zest and nourishing spelt flour.   This is a cake moist, full of goodness and the flavour is divine.


I chuckle to myself because how many times has ‘what I do’ been a conversation killer at parties, when you tell someone you’re a dietitian and they begin to choke on their mouthful of pastry, fries or Eton Mess.


In general people think that dietitians or nutritionist are a little up tight when it comes to food.  Like the local bus driver said to me, you only eat lettuce or nothing to stay that slim!


No no no, not true.


In my opinion it’s all about what type of  foodie you are:


1) Goodness Foodie

2) Taste Foodie


I am a Goodness Foodie.  The food has to taste good, yes of course, but the absolute priority is nutrition it’s a law I follow.



Because I know how valuable nourishment is to the human body and I NEVER miss making nutrition part of the eating experience.  You cannot afford to neglect nutrition at a meal time.


If you are a Taste Foodie, you don’t care about nutrition, it’s purely what effect the cocktail of foods have on your brain, because to you, the priority is how the food makes you feel than what the nutritional value is.


We all want to like our food, but your mind can lead you up the garden path if you let it.


You should not rely on food primarily to make you feel good. That’s not what it’s designed for.


The goal is to supply valuable materials to your body to keep you alive and functioning at your best and yes, you should also find pleasure in eating.


But if you constantly search for the kind of hit you would get from having sugar, salt and fat.  You may well be feeding your mind in the short term but you’re depleting your body because you are not filling the nutrition tank and this will lead to exhaustion, moodiness, disrupted sleep and body fat gain.


Your body needs goodness just like your car needs petrol and when you’re a Goodness Foodie you get the best of both worlds.  Taste and nourishment.



What kind of a foodie are you? Do you prioritise nutrition or only taste?  Tell me more 🙂


Leave a comment below and share your answer!

With love,

p.s Do you have any foodie friends? Share this blog post to them so you can find out which foodie they are!

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One thought on “What kind of foodie are you?

  1. peck says:

    Hi Dana!
    Yes, you are right there are so many flavours – and we should enjoy those as well as nutrition.
    We should feel so happy when we eat and know that the food is nourishing our soul and our body 🙂

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