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I was recently speaking with my sister.  We were on a video call from her hotel the night before a National Writers Conference.


Her published Contemporary Romance Novel had been short-listed as a finalist for an Award.


They would announce the winner at the Conference awards dinner.


She smiled and said to me – “I’m not really expecting to win it.. I haven’t prepared a speech”.


Well – she did win – standing on the stage and she hadn’t prepared a speech. A good problem to have I suppose 🙂


Perhaps in her heart she desired to get recognised for her creations.


But she has always done the work.  In fact years and years of work.


She’s focused.  She adores to write and share her novels and looks for ways to improve.


She does not get too fixated on the outcome.  Just enjoys the every day process.


This inspired me to think about weight loss – because there is a tendency where we think too much about the outcome rather than focusing on the process of working on your body e.g:


-how much weight have I lost?
-I haven’t lost enough
-what’s my weight?
-that food makes me gain weight
-I’m worried about gaining weight
-I must really cut back


Imagine if you jumped on the scales every 5 seconds – or believed all those fearful thoughts – you’d have no energy left to focus on what you need to do to get the result.


Know your goal but never become too fixated on it so you don’t learn what you actually need to do to get the outcome that would have you jumping up and down with joy.


Now success all starts with awareness…..so


Your task:
-tomorrow take your level of focus on your daily eating habits to another level.
-give 200% attention to everything you eat and drink for the entire day.
-write everything down – trust me it’s not real until we see it on paper 😉


Ask yourself – how much thought and attention do I give to planning every day and following through that plan?  (key point: you don’t need to get it perfect every day – you just need to take action on your plan).


To be successful with fat loss – 99% of your focus should be on what you actually are doing.


Eating is controlled by your auto-pilot – you’ve got to be aware – or who knows where you’ll fly off to 🙂


What you do every day – determines your results in the long term. Let’s tune in together!


Feel free to comment below this blog post – what is the biggest positive step you can take right now to be more focused on your fat loss journey?

With love,

p.s.  Do you know someone who feels stuck with weight loss and needs some motivation?  Do share this with them 🙂

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