The Best Diet for Weight Loss

Do you ever feel “angry and disappointed with yourself” for gaining weight?

Over and over again, I’ve heard people tell me how angry and frustrated they were with themselves. There is a constant seeking for the best diet plan to help them solve their battle with their weight.

Is this you?

Do you truly believe that it’s your lack of will power that is the problem and if only you could ‘stick to the plan’ then all your weight problems will be solved and you would feel happier.

From my experience in doing over 7,000 one to one sessions and being a relentless researcher of human behaviour and releasing 20kg of fat gained from comfort eating myself. I’ve learnt that you most likely believe that deep down you are the problem for not sticking to the weight loss diet.

Let me tell you a secret [you’re not].

But the weight loss industry knows you better than you know yourself and this is why they continue to sell the ‘next best miracle weight loss diet’ to make you think if only you tried this new plan you’d solve your frustrations.  Which you do for a specific period of time only to stop and go back to your usual habits and the weight gain re-gain plus more happens and you end up feeling more upset with yourself and terribly triggered by your weight but also locked into an addictive fear based cycle to try the next diet.

A very unhealthy pattern to fall into.

Let me share that this habit of berating yourself for weight gain is an utter waste of time and completely counter productive. This negative self talk does nothing but create more low self esteem and self hatred.

I know deep down you don’t hate yourself. You do love yourself and you want to fall more in love with your body but you just don’t know how to get there.

I want to share with you that the only problem you have, is that you are looking to correct a problem that is not the real problem and you blame yourself too much. You’re focused on ‘shifting the weight’ and obsessing about calories and diet plans and beating yourself up mentally, when all these things are not the real problem.

So if you are stuck in this dieting/weight loss, weight re-gain yo yo cycle where you are feeling out of control with your weight and food and you think a good strict diet plan is what you need – then it is very likely that you think, what you are doing is the right solution to the problem, but when in fact it isn’t.

Have you ever heard the saying – ‘doing the thing over and over again and expecting different results’ is the definition of insanity?

It’s like you keep trying to chop carrots with a spoon and you start obsessing about spoons when in fact what you really need is to get is a knife to chop the carrots.

Why do we think this way about weight loss?

Because we are PROGRAMMED by the weight loss industry. In my Group Coaching Programme, I teach everyone if they want to be successful they need to change the way they are approaching weight loss.

The first step is to ‘re-train your thinking’ to get different results.

So instead of looking for the latest best diet food plan for weight loss – you really want to be starting with a healthy plan for your mind and learning the right way to think because fundamentally this is the real problem.

It’s your birth right to have healthy levels of fat on your body. If you don’t there is a root cause why and when you address this real problem. You simply won’t battle with your weight any more.

This is the best diet for weight loss – A Positive Self Loving and Self Care Diet. When you align yourself this way – weight release becomes effortless. This is how I live my life and it works!

This is my passion and purpose in life to wake everyone up to how Brain Washed we are when it comes to Weight Loss and How important it is to Wash Our Brain the right way.

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