My whipped cream substitute

As tasty as cream is – it doesn’t sit well with my digestion. Honestly enjoying cream infrequently is nothing that you should feel bad about. But if you are like me or you love cream and would like to know what a lower fat option is that you can have as a cream substitute – then this blog is will help you. Here’s my step by step recipe for a lower fat option:


The Recipe

You need:

-cream cheese (I used 50% less fat – light soft cheese – it’s got 11g of fat in 100g)
-quark (fat free)
-honey (I used orange blossom runny honey)
-vanilla extract

How you make it:

Step 1:

Get a portion of strawberries (80-100g and cut into quarters)  TIP: leave strawberries at room temperature for while they will taste sweeter

Strawberry 2

Step 2:

Mix 100g of cream cheese with 50g of quark, add 1 tbsp of runny honey, 1 capful of vanilla extract.  Now whip up your cream.


Step 3:


Strawberry 3

So good I couldn’t wait to eat it!

Strawberry 4

I think it’s really important that we get emotional satisfaction from our food. When we avoid really high fat foods such as cream, it is normal to get that ‘deprived’ feeling.

Knowing how to be creative with food so that you can feel satisfied yet also knowing that you are losing weight for good, will keep your motivation and energy high!

Note: there is a difference between feeling emotionally fulfilled from your diet of ‘health food’ versus wanting to break your healthy boundaries and indulging in your emotional eating tendencies because you feel deprived.

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Leave a comment below ⬇️ – did you find it as tasty as me??

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With love,

Katie 😘

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