Rhubarb – antioxidant powerhouse

Did you know that rhubarb comes a close second to berries in the antioxidant department?


Yes, rhubarb contains more polyphenols (you know the good stuff in red wine) than most vegetables! 🙂


I bet that surprised you – didn’t it??


Seeing as rhubarb is now ready to be eaten in the UK/northern hemisphere, I’d love it if you’d make it your priority to eat some asap.  Why?  Because it’s sooooo good for you and it’s your mission to look and feel your best – right?


Plus when you eat in season food you get maximum nutritional benefit as you are working with mother nature.


AND – when you cook it (slowly) the antioxidant levels get higher – pretty special! 🙂


So how do you cook it?  It really is super quick!


You can cook up a fancy dessert in the weekend when you have more time, but a great way to start eating more rhubarb is to put it in a pot with a little water and cook it over a low heat until it breaks down.


Serve it with yoghurt or add it as a topping to porridge or any other breakfast cereal.  Just like you would slice up a banana on your weetabix.


The trick is to choose your sweetener and have a play around to find your sweet spot as rhubarb is a little tart.


Rhubarb sweeteners:

-brown sugar


Rhubarb flavour enhancer:

-squeeze of lemon juice (add after you get the right sweetness using above sweeteners)


Rhubarb finisher:

-natural yoghurt 3g fat per 100g – add a spoon or two to your rhubarb 🙂


Here’s how you do it:

-Chop up about a pound of rhubarb or about 400g

-Put in a pot/saucepan with a good splash of boiling water, turn heat down and cook slowly stirring occasionally until the rhubarb breaks down

-If you fancy adding dates, I would start with a chopped handful and add at the beginning, the dates will break down with the rhubarb and add natural sugars.

When the dates are cooked give it a good stir and then add the brown sugar or honey and have a taste.

-I start with a headed tbsp and take it from there.  Personally I don’t like it very sweet so I only add a few tablespoons of sugar or honey (try to add MINIMAL sugar/honey)

-Then add a squeeze of lemon juice DONE.

-Add the yoghurt and enjoy!!!


Chopped rhubarb


How lucky are we!


Rhubarb is full of vitamins, mineral, antioxidants and phytochemicals, that WILL boost you after months of winter!!


Do you like rhubarb? What do you think about cooking it?  Leave a comment below 🙂


80-100g is one of your 5 + a day.  Aim to have it regularly over the next 8 weeks!

With love,

p.s let’s spread the rhubarb word – please share this post 🙂

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