Maximise Health Podcast: Your Health is Your Life. Episode #1.

Episode 1: Get in the Realm of the Healthy.


Hello!!! My love!!! Welcome to my very first podcast episode. This is me. Raw unfiltered, giving you my honest perspective on health. We need more natural, honest expressions today and here I am. Walking my Talk.


I’ve been writing a blog for years and I’ve found a feeling rising up that I want to start a podcast, where I can be free to express my views and help you to become the most healthiest, ‘aligned’ (it’s such a buzzword will have to do a podcast on that one) version of you.


I want to be someone you come to for honest and refreshing help so you can connect more with your body and understand how to experience true health freedom.


If you want to become a client – I am help you with private one to one OR you can join my Group Coaching Programme (email me at to chat about that).


I’d love for you to join my email list – go to the home page here on this site and sign up (I share stuff there I don’t share on social media).

All my love,
Katie xox


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