Light up your desire

Ahhh motivation!


Do you struggle with motivation?  There are many things you can do to increase your motivation.  But the No.1 thing you must have in place if you want to find getting motivated easy is:


Having desire! A few definitions for you:


What is motivation:  A reason for acting in a certain way

Desire is:  A strong feeling of wanting something to happen


We all have a reason for wanting to be healthy – here’s a few:

(1) so I feel happier and stronger each day

(2) so I can enjoy the clothes I wear

(3) so I can bend over without feeling pain and play with my children

(4) so I can run up the stairs and not get out of breath

(5) so I can recover within 1 week of getting a cold or flu


If I talk to anyone, they tell me their reason. Yet so many of us struggle with motivation to really work on our health.


Did you know that desire can really help you?


Desire is the triggering mechanism, the glue the keeps you locked on to your reason.

Desire is a strong feeling, it’s something that you feel within you.  And only you can feel it.  It exists within you.


Only you can light it. Bottom Line:  The fire under your desire can only be lit by you!


I don’t need to tell you how your body struggles if it’s overweight, or you have an health issue – you know that and I know your health’s so important to you.


It’s so easy to feel down and tune out because we think we don’t have the power to change our health. But you do have a lot of power and it starts with your heart, your feeling, your fire.


Think for a minute of someone you love, who in a situation needed protecting, you’d jump in a heart beat to help them.  Now feel that same desire for you, for your health!


Aren’t you precious and doesn’t your health need protecting?


Do you feel it?  And if not – what’s it going take for you to feel that fire?


Your Desired Action 🙂

In the comments below,  list your big reason for wanting to be healthy, now today spend some time thinking about how you feel about your reason. I’ve listed one of my reasons below!


Here’s a great tip:  Go listen to some inspiring music and feel some more 🙂

With love!

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2 thoughts on “Light up your desire

  1. peck says:

    One reason for being healthy is so that I can take my border collie Jemstone on long walks every weekend, come rain or shine 🙂


  2. Anika says:

    The reason I want to stay healthy is to be able to spend time with my family and friends doing the things that I love! : )

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