Key to changing eating habits

A subscriber emailed me – “how do we get out of unhealthy habits – every day I feel compelled to pick up something bad that’s in front of me”


Great question!


I want to lay a foundation for changing habits by going a little deeper into the change process 🙂



Isn’t it sooo frustrating when we want to change our eating habits yet we feel stuck in a cycle where we keep doing the same thing over and over again?


Don’t you just feel like this self sabotaging pattern sucks your energy levels, and you feel low?


You can change this pattern – here’s how:


Firstly, completely stop labelling food – no food is bad – let’s get the focus from food and on to you!


Because this is about what is going on inside of you that is causing you to feel compelled or forced to reach for that food – whatever it is.


It only feels like the food has control over you as you are not aware of what is going on.


Your body and mind – don’t like to change – they don’t want to.


Your body has powerful systems designed to keep you doing the same thing – to conserve energy (your brain burns energy like a gas guzzling car)…plus….your body and brain get biochemically addicted to the food and drink you habitually consume.


And most of us approach changing our diets, like it’s the easiest thing in the world (when it’s not) and are a bit surface level.


Powerful point….as a human….your relationship with food is your most primal need you will ever have – why?  Because the human is wired to survive – so whenever we are approaching doing anything with our eating habits, we must respect this part of us.


Changing your eating behaviour is like unravelling a ball of string and re-weaving it how you want and it takes mind work.


This is why ‘dieting’ never works – because diet systems completely disregard your mind and the process of changing habits and they say it’s going to be a walk in the park – so when people fail they end up blaming themselves!


Bottom line:  you need to do inner work if you wish to really make change happen with your eating habits.


Ask yourself:  “what ONE thing do I really really desire to change?” 🙂


Now reflect on…..

“do I really want to change – or am I just in love with the IDEA of change?”

“am I prepared to do what is required to make this happen?  Am I willing to feel uncomfortable?”

“imagine your life and health in 5 years if you did not change – now imagine how you’d look and feel and what your life will be like in 5 years if you do change?”

What emotions do you feel – when you imagine the future?


Because you will feel uncomfortable as you understand you more and the motivations behind your habits and as you begin to take action.


But know that it is a good uncomfortable – we need to love the discomfort as we approach changing habits that in our hearts we just know are no longer making us a better person.


The desire to change needs to be greater than the feeling of discomfort or we will stay put.


Making change happen is not something we can do on a surface level.


I hope you found this blog about change helpful and inspiring! 🙂


Let a comment below – what is ONE eating behaviour you wish to change and why?


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