How to shift your weight loss mindset

To make real changes we have to get to the nitty gritty.


There are two kinds of “food people” in this world when it comes to food.  You are either mostly one type or the other.


Ready for it?


The first type of person is what I call “head focused” – you think mostly about how food will taste, whether you will like it, how it will make you feel, if it will make you happy. You eat what you crave and you have to eat when you feel peckish. You don’t like feeling hungry.  Food fulfils a head/emotional need. Food is linked with social occasions. It’s part of you. You see that food is something that is responsible for your complete happiness.


A head foodie, often feels that eating healthy food will make them unhappy or restrict them or leave them feeling deprived. They feel inner resistance to changing eating habits. They’re tempted by diets and will calorie count, over restrict food and focus on the scales. They prioritise how food makes them feel psychologically and they’re tuned out from their body signals.


The second type of person is ‘body focused’ – if this is you – you feel food IS a pleasure in life and that treats are prioritised for special occasions not every day eating.  You are mostly body focused, this means you focus on listening to your body feelings and you care about how food makes you feel in your body. You enjoy feeling hungry, you listen to your body first and because of that you prioritise nutrition and what will make your body feel energised.


The body focused individual knows when their body feels good – they feel happy. They’re more concerned with having healthy body fat and are not weight focused, they health focused.


What type of food person are you?


If you are more of the ‘head focused’ then at times you may find it harder to connect to your body.


Without that connection, you may feel unsure.  You may lack confidence on how to manage food to get health or weight loss results and this can feel quite frustrating at times.


Holiday times e.g. August and Christmas create anxiety as there’s a conflict in your heart because there seems to be all this treat food and you feel pulled away from where you desire to be but part of you wants to eat it.


I love helping people to make the shift from being overly head focused to being more body focused.


Your body is a priceless biological machine.  It can last for years and years and years – IF you look after it.


Question:  Think about yourself – what type of food person are you?  If you find yourself being more head focused – what is ONE thing you can do today to shift towards being more body focused?

With love,

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