How to feel 10 years younger in 1 hour

One thing I feel very proud of when I help emotional eaters lose weight for good is my ability to tune into my clients emotional energy and help them to ‘re-calibrate’, get out of dieting mindset🙏 and connect with their true selves so they can reach their goals. This is so important for your health because your body reflects how balanced you are emotionally 🧘‍♀️.

When you re-connect with you – you feel like you have come home again 🏡. It’s a wonderful feeling. This sets the stage for your metabolism to correct itself and your body to heal 💪.

So I want to share with you  ⚡️ONE powerful way ⚡️ you can ‘re-calibrate’ and feel calmer and more connected to your goals.


I am a complete convert 👏. It had a real emotional impact on me. As a new mother in her mid 40’s I’m appreciating every single moment I get to myself for self care and if you are a mum you’ll understand that constant hungover jetlag feeling where your nerves are so sensitive to everything because you’ve not had a good nights sleep 🥱 in months. So I couldn’t wait to get to this pod and relax 🧘‍♀️.

But I felt anxious 😬 when I saw that I have to be inside this POD for 1 hour and when I got inside – I felt like a tin solder on top of the water – it took me 10 minutes to let go and surrender 🙏 to the experience.

Magnesium is natures calm 😎 – she calms your nervous system ☯️. It’s an amazing mineral that most people are seriously lacking in (this is why we feel stressed out and on edge most of the time).

You need around 400mg per day which is hard to get every day from your diet alone – and you need more if you’re prone to anxiety, racing thoughts, high blood pressure or are an athlete, breastfeeding or pregnant.

You get magnesium from food (1 avocado 🥑 = 60mg), and supplements – but magnesium can also be absorbed through your skin 🛀.

These pods are handmade in Germany – they hold 400 litres of hand delivered pure underground mineral water 💧 that is saturated with 300kg of Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts). You FLOAT on top of the water, it’s slippery and feels like soothing warm oil.

Once I relaxed completely I could feel the warm healing waters working their magic 💃 and I felt like all my worries and stress was taken away from me as I floated like a Queen 👑 listening to relaxing music bathing in red light.

⚡️Magnesium salts bathing is a self care ritual that is incredible for your body ⚡️.

Did you know that magnesium boosts GABA – a neurotransmitter that is responsible for feeling relaxed and calm? 🙏

I felt 10 years younger when I got out – so calm and relaxed.

I’m so grateful to Robyn from Soul Pods ❤️Ashburton for sharing her passion for magnesium floating and allowing me to have this experience.

It doesn’t matter where you are – there will be a float pod near you. Google magnesium floating in your location.

It’s so important to have a healthy balanced nervous system as you are a ball of electrical energy with emotions and if you want to lose weight for good you need to be in an overall relaxed not stressed state as evidence shows high body fat and chronic stress 😵 go hand in hand.

I highly recommend you put this in your tool kit for self care rituals! 💯

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Question: Have you tried floating? Do share your experience in the comments below 👇 and if you haven’t tried it yet – does my blog make you feel curious?

With love ,

Katie ❤️


Katie Charlton
Health & Weight Loss Coach
BSc DipGrad, PGDipDiet (distinction)

Katie’s is 44 years old. She’s a new mum, an experienced health coach with a degree in dietetics and human nutrition. She’s worked for over 10 years in the UK as a registered Dietitian. Katie’s vision is a world where people live to their bodies true potential.  She coaches private clients who want to lose weight for good and become their most empowered selves, break the yo yo cycle of food addiction/emotional eating self sabotage.



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