How emotional eaters should handle food cravings

As a coach who helps emotional eaters lose weight for good and stop yo yo – I hear this all the time.

-How do I stop my cravings?
-I get these horrible cravings!
-My problem is I cannot stop self sabotage!

Can you relate to this feeling horrible and out of control feeling around food? 😭😭

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In this blog post I share with you how you get a handle on your food cravings if you are an emotional eater so you don’t continue to feel stuck and can stay on track.

Key mindset shift: Lose the fear that you cannot handle your food cravings. πŸ’ͺ

Do you feel scared about getting cravings? Do you believe that they are really bad? Do you think that you have done something wrong with food because you get them? Do you fear they will never go away unless you eat something?

Let me reassure you. Your body is a very sophisticated instrument. You are on a journey to understanding it more. This is what I teach in my coaching programme – Weight Loss Forever.

So know this:

-cravings can happen for all sorts of reasons and it’s ok right now for you not to know exactly the true cause is of the food craving – ok?

-it’s your job right now to learn how you can handle it.

What is a craving?

A craving is an intense feeling felt from within your body that builds very quickly. You feel an almost urgent feeling that accompanies the cravings.

Craving = intense body impulse —–> therefore I must DO something to make this horrible feeling go away.

The craving wave 🌊

Accept that this feels intense. I call it the CRAVING WAVE it’s mighty and if you are not aware that it is coming it will crash down on top of you, wipe you out and it’s not until you come up for air that you realise what on earth just happened 😡

How to handle cravings 😍

Step #1: Become an observer 🧐 of yourself because it’s essential that you open your eyes and learn about your own craving wave or waves! What does the swell look like for you? With watchful presence you can become aware of what triggers you to crave food – so you can become aware, get on your surf board and ride that wave when it comes rather than be taken down by it.

Step #2: Your only responsibility is to ride your craving wave out πŸ„β€β™€οΈ. Your body is sending very strong signals to your brain to get you to act asap. I call these CRAVING FOOD THOUGHTS – but your job is to hear and acknowledge the craving food thoughts and do nothing, your job is to be comfortable with the intensity of the cravings wave and ride it out. That’s right….your job is to do anything but eat.

Fall into the feeling of intensity and hold your boundary around food and NOT eat πŸ•.

Right now take a deep breath from your BELLY and let it out. πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

So don’t be scared of the wave coming – be confident you can ride the wave. πŸ‘

You haven’t done anything wrong to get the craving, you don’t need to eat to make it go – it WILL go away with time. Cravings don’t last past 20 minutes ⏰

Once you have completed the above steps and you are accepting of the craving and riding the cravings wave – I have some activities you can do that are self loving to help ride the wave out.

breathing consciously
writing out what you feel grateful for
sitting quietly
listening to music
chatting to someone about how you feel
walking or petting an animal
walking in nature
house work
preparing healthy food for next meal
drinking some water or herbal tea
sorting out your clothes
putting on lipstick

In closing – identify cravings before they hit you, ride them out.

Your Healthy Boundary: I eat when I’m hungry I don’t react and eat in response to intense craving urges. Remember it is not about the cake being bad – it’s not bad at all. It is about you and you being the gate keeper to your body and your health and feeling calm and confident around food. You eat when YOU DECIDE to eat that is right for your body and your weight loss goals.


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KatieΒ ο’Ÿ

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