Get organised this festive season

She smiled at me and said “it’s all about the list” and she’s quite right!


 We were talking about being organised – you know that skill that so many of us struggle with?


 Organisation is order in your mind!


You see we think in pictures.


If I ask you to picture your favourite pair of shoes, you will not see a list describing your favourite shoes.  You see your shoes. Whether it’s those gorgeous stilettos that make your heart race, or your comfortable warm trainers that feel so good when you have those soft sports socks on.


You see the picture.


Think about your brain for a second.  It’s a powerhouse of electrical circuits and impulses that travel around your body faster than a formula one car.


Do you think it’s the brains job to keep an ordered to do list?  I don’t think so.


 I’m VERY organised with my eating, but I’ve had to work to be organised with other things.


These other things can impact on my eating and throw me off course if I don’t keep order in my mind.


It’s all too easy to fall into the habit of putting your to do list in your head.  We gotta get out of this habit because it does nothing but create chaos!


Here’s what I do to keep everything order:

Step 1: Sit down, grab a big sheet of paper and do a mind dump 🙂

Step 2:  On that piece of paper get everything out of your head and on to the paper.  Write down your projects, then under each project imagine all the tasks you have to do to move that project forward. Make lists.  Your aim is to remove the clutter in your mind and transfer to paper.

Step 3: Now every night before you go to bed, make a list of everything you want to do tomorrow.  Don’t wait to do this the next morning.

Step 4:  The next day get on top of your schedule.  Mark in your calendar what tasks you will do and what amount of time you allocate to them.    Make sure you leave room for your habitual tasks like showering, meal times, the school run, answering emails.  Track what actually happened and make adjustments 🙂

Step 5:  As you go about your day, your task is to keep to your schedule.  Create pictures in your mind of what you see yourself doing over the day. Keep a note book with you to write down any ideas you think of over the day and notes for you to consider the next day e.g. did you give yourself too much do?


This is a good way to keep order in your mind and prevent the crazy mental activity that will keep you stuck.


Write lists and then use your creative mind to put the list into action.  But it is all about the list!


 I hope you like this!  I’d love to hear from you.  What’s the biggest thing that keeps you from being as organised as you would like?  Please share in the comments below.

 With love,


p.s Do you have a friend who would like to know this strategy?  Please share this post to them.  Imagine how amazing this world would be if we were all organised?? 🙂

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