Easy mindset shift to boost your energy

Have you ever had that feeling – come the end of the day – that you felt so exhausted – yet you hadn’t done any physical exercise at all?


And all you wanted to do – when you sat down, was fill yourself with food and drink?


When our mind feels rung out like a dishcloth.  Your body feels completely drained too!


You’ll be amazed at how you can experience a complete boost in your energy levels – by focusing on this one thing:


—-keeping your mind calm and focused over the day—


Last week I did a blog on 5 Signs to Pay More Attention to Your Health – and I said the next blog would be on the most common sign you identified with.


The most responses were on “Ping Pong Mind”.


If you find your mind tends to have a “mind of it’s own”  – have a listen of this video which explains simple tactics to get a calmer mind and a more energised body!



If you are feeling overwhelmed and cluttered with thoughts – it’s pretty impossible to focus on your nutrition.


It’s not as hard as you may feel to move towards a calmer mind and more energised body.  All you need to do is keep things simple – and make it a habit to take good care of yourself.


Here are some great tips to get you anchored 🙂  Get your cheat sheet here.


What is important to remember is that it’s not what we know – it’s what we do – that will make us happy and get us the health results we desire.


What tip is most relevant to you – do leave a comment below!  I’d love to know if this helps you and if you have a friend who wants more energy – please share this with them 🙂


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