Cherry and almond nut butter smoothie

Your body is a nutrient loving instrument and I LOVE being creative with ways to get goodness into your body so you can have high energy levels and get on with your day.


There is nothing quicker for breakfast or a snack than a smoothie and this one’s pretty special.


Cherry and almond nut butter smoothie 🙂

What you need:

-1 ripe banana (don’t use a green banana – use a ripe one with black spots on it)

-80g of ripe cherries (frozen or fresh – make sure the stones are out!!!)

-1 tbsp of oat bran

-1 tbsp of smooth almond nut butter

-2 tbsp natural yoghurt

-1/2 small avocado

-150ml milk (semi skimmed or non dairy alternative)

How you make it:

-Slice up the banana and add into the blender, next add the cherries, oat bran, almond nut butter, yoghurt, avocado and milk.

-Whiz for about 30 seconds until well blended 🙂

-Enjoy!  (Provided you have the ingredients, this takes less than 5 minutes to make).


Cherry smoothie pic


Body Benefits: 🙂

-2 fruit servings (counts towards your 5 +)

-fibre (counting towards your 30g a day)

-protein from almonds, milk and yoghurt that build body muscles and tissues

-minerals for your bones!

-healthy fats (from almonds and avocado)

-bacteria from the yoghurt for your digestion


Tell me what you think?  Does this recipe excite you?  Share a comment below! 🙂

With love,


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