Blueberry nutrition

Did you see the film Willy Wonker when Violet Beauregarde blew up into a giant blueberry after eating gum?  That was my first memory of blueberries watching her being rolled away by OompaLoompas!  


I like blueberries!  Do you?  Because not only can you enjoy them in an iconic film, their deep blue skin can work wonders for you.


The wonder of blueberries!!

– The skin contains a plant pigment called anthocyanins that colours berries blue and has the health effect

– Anthocyanin is a flavonoid (polyphenol) with potent antioxidant effects.


Antioxidant effect story:

As a normal part of living your cells generate energy and as part of that process unstable oxygen molecules (free radicals) are created.  Anthocyanins work as antioxidants because they neutralise free radicals and prevent damage to the cell which over time causes disease.


March 17 blueberries body pic


Knowing how magical these berries are I’m sure you’ll want to make them a regular part of your diet.  Here are some tips:

-put 80g in a sealed little plastic container to get your daily serving of blueberries

-put 80g of frozen blueberries in the blender with 1 ripe banana, 150g of natural yoghurt and top up with milk for a breakfast, snack, dessert or pre/post work out meal.

-sprinkle on your favourite cereal

-stir frozen blueberries into creamy porridge

-make fruit platter faces with your children (here are some I made with my friends family a few days ago)


Fruit platter


There are so many foods we have to get our heads around, it’s important that we make having blueberries an enjoyable habit.


Do you like blueberries?  What’s your favourite way to eat them?  Share in the comments below 🙂

With love,

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2 thoughts on “Blueberry nutrition

  1. Lraine says:

    I add blueberry’s to my porridge almost every day !

    1. peck says:

      Hi Lraine! That’s fantastic – blueberries special 🙂 They will sweeten up your porridge too with their natural sweetness, no need to add sugar.

      Enjoy your porridge,

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