Biggest weight loss fail and how to avoid it

Have you ever said to yourself – “tomorrow’s the day I start the diet and no treats until…XY or Z….?”


Then the next day you waltz into the office and someone stuffs one of these delicious looking chocolate cupcakes smothered in rich cocoa icing and sprinkled with hundred and thousands under your nose.


What do you do?  You eat it….


Thought bubble: “S**t there goes that diet….failed again”


Feeling low and like a crap – you justify that it’s ok to eat another couple as you cannot bear the thought of these delicious morsels being wasted and….


Tomorrow really is the best day to start a diet.


Similar stories repeat….and you find it hard to stick to a weight loss diet and feel like you’re going nowhere fast.


Why do I find it so hard to lose weight or keep it off?  You ask yourself.




Because deep within the recesses of your subconscious mind is one powerful belief….


Diets are temporary!


We are programmed/conditioned to see a weight loss strategy as something you go on and then at some point you will return to what you were doing before after you’ve lost a bit of weight.


We also believe….


That in order to be successful at losing weight we CANNOT eat chocolate cupcakes and so if we stayed on the diet we would be MISERABLE and never be able to eat treats again.


Now don’t think of a big blue Kangaroo…..and I forbid you from eating chocolate until 2017 ….


So what do you do?


You think about these two things….because we don’t like to anyone to tell us we cannot do something – we all seek freedom.


How do we solve the problem?

-If you want to lower your body fat and transform your relationship with food you must learn another way to do it other than going on a diet (or by restricting and then overeating food)

-You also need to understand how to have treats as part of your life and still be successful at getting the body you adore.


This really is a mind game….


Because do you know what we’re programmed to do if we lose something???


Find it….


You don’t want to go on a diet and lose weight because you’ll seek to find it again somewhere down the track…this will never produce the result you want long term


You want to release body fat…just let it go!


Become that person who’s in control of food, who is free from needing that extra protection.


How do you see yourself?


Yes, weight loss is a mind game, and most people fail to see this.  But I can show you how to win!


What do you think about weight loss?  What do you feel is the biggest problem you or other people you see who try to lose weight but struggle have?


Leave a comment below! 🙂

With love!

p.s  If you have friends, family or colleagues who struggle please share this blog post with them.

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