Be smart with money and food!

I was in a store recently and this couple was shopping.  The man said to his wife,  “we don’t need that, have you looked in the cupboards?”


That made me feel so happy!  Then she revealed, after we all engaged in conversation, “but what if we go hungry?”


Interesting – don’t you think??


So many times, I’ve had people say to me they cannot afford to eat healthy (it’s too expensive), they cannot afford a nutrition plan, they cannot afford a personal trainer.


Yet, they over eat, don’t plan meals, buy way too many take outs, comfort eat and throw food away!


This is no different than lighting fire to a £50 note, then sitting there and saying I don’t have any money!


Body image 2 March 2016


We all need money, we eat several times a day, so a large part of our expenditure is going to go on food.  But sometimes WAY TOO MUCH is spent and that money could be used intelligently for other things.


How to be smart with money and food – key points:

-Don’t over buy – think love NOT fear…..there’s always enough!

-Look in your cupboards and plan before you shop

-Cut back on take out breakfasts and lunches – bring your own

-Aim to throw less food away from your fridge and freezer!


You will:

a) help this gorgeous planet we live on

b) have more energy and a slimmer waistline

c) save money (who doesn’t want that??)


And since saving money is like making money, you’d be wise to start doing this asap!


You cannot afford NOT to invest in your body.  It’s the only one you got!


Money is such a big part of our lives so this week be really consciously aware of what you are doing with food and money and give yourself a refresh – you’ll be happy you did!


Do you have any tips?  Share your views and post in the comments below.  I’d love to know what you think 🙂

With love,

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2 thoughts on “Be smart with money and food!

  1. Helen says:

    Katie- thanks for this insight. I personally take from this, to keep food simple! nutrition should not be over complicated and choosing foods should be enjoyable and add value to our life’s. Living in a make believe environment where we are comforted by is harmful both mentally and physically whereas thoughtful purchase and planning, should bring a sense of nurturing and peace to our lives- thanks for sharing Helen x ( I am staring to slowly get it!)

    1. peck says:

      Hi Helen,

      Yes, spot on! Nutrition need not be complicated. We only think it’s complicated when we don’t understand what to do and are searching for the answers. When we keep things simple we don’t over buy and we can save more money and waste less food.

      Happy you enjoyed it 🙂

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