Avoid this success blocking mindset mistake

So how do you retrain your brain for lifelong weight loss?


And why is this so important?


Here’s why you should care….


Because if you know someone or you desire greatly to get healthy body fat – permanent weight loss results but you feel like you’re struggling to achieve what you want….


Then your mindset is most likely the big obstacle that is holding you back.


Your mindset can be stopping you from getting started or
Your mindset can be stopping you by self sabotage/repeating old patterns keeping you stuck or
Your mindset can be stopping you from being open to the right ‘success’ advice


What is mindset?


In a nutshell : it’s the way YOU CHOOSE to THINK….


….your perspective on weight loss (which stems from your beliefs)…..determines what action you will take.


Your mind doesn’t control you – you control your thoughts.


Let’s go a bit deeper.


Your actions come from your feelings – thoughts create feelings – your thoughts come from your beliefs.


An example:

Action:  getting a takeaway when you feel stressed
Feelings: overwhelm/heavy burden to cook something healthy
Thoughts: I’ve got too much to do – it will take too long to cook a healthy meal – a takeaway is more convenient
Belief: To eat healthy you need to cook something ‘complex and special’ which is time consuming.


This stems from the negative unproductive belief – that eating consistently healthy is for other people who are perfect who don’t have stresses in life – not me.  I live in the real world.


This translates to you eating a takeaway and then end up beating yourself up for ‘failing’.


If you took this deeper – that person might tell you – I fear it will take a long time and I don’t know what to make – but I want to change – I need help with this but I’m afraid to ask for it.


But the biggest mistake most people make is they don’t think the problem is with their thinking – they just want someone to come and rescue them from their struggle.


Can you see why quick fix diets are so attractive?


This is NOT about self criticism or judgement.  


This is about awareness.


Your results don’t lie – they tell you a story of what is going on in your subconscious mind.


Your subconscious or autopilot brain controls what you do with food and are where your beliefs are stored.


The road to success is to NOT fight against yourself with frustration and sheer force – but to forget about fad diets, quick fixes and diets and to create a fundamental shift in the way you are thinking.


Forget about thinking something outside of you will fix the problem.


The road to success lies within you – and with the right guidance you can break through this success blocking mindset!


Remember the magic is in you and we just have to draw it out!


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With love,

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